An academic degree from an Australian university is held in high regard throughout the world. Australia offers best courses in some of the most popular disciplines like Health, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Physical Sciences. It is statistically the number one destination for international students, beating USA, UK and Canada. The culturally vibrant academic scene makes it an ideal destination from students all over the world. Not only do you study your course, you actually learn by doing. A safe, enjoyable lifestyle and pristine nature is another reason to choose Australia for your international degree.

  • Most popular destination for international students in the world 2,500,000 Australian alumni making a difference on the international scene throughout the world
  • Birthplace of great inventions like Penicillin, Ultrasound, WiFi, Bionic ear, IVF, Cervical cancer vaccine and many more
  • 5 Australian cities are among the Top 30 Best Cities in the World for students
  • 7 Australian Universities are among the Top 100 Universities in the World
  • Australian University Ranking System is ranked 8th in the world, ahead of Japan, UK, Germany and Netherlands
  • International students and even their parents enjoy unmatched quality of services and financial protection under Australian laws
  • Australian Qualification System covers most of the courses taught in Australia and ensure highest standards of education
  • Visa procedures are not as lengthy or stringent as USA or UK, hence no red-tapism
  • Offers more job opportunities in almost all disciplines unlike UK, which focuses more on doctors, or USA, that only caters to IT professionals
  • Australian government’s international scholarship programs are vaster than UK or USA