To guide talented, bright, capable students onto the path of international academic laurels in the right discipline and from the right University through procedural and legally correct approach, in order to contribute our bit to laying down the foundation of India’s glorious future on the international stage.


  • We conduct business in full transparency of costs, fees, requirements and requisites for whichever course you choose.
  • Our research team ensures that we continually update ourselves of the latest changes in policies, rules and legalities of India as well as Australia and New Zealand.
  • We give our hundred per cent to every case we accept and work hard to maintain our unfailing success rate as we have for the past one decade.
  • We provide more than just consultation services. We believe that you do not have to be uptight or too serious to be successful. Walk in to our office, and you will see.
  • We help the students to choose the right course as per their aptitude, the country they would want to study in, the city thereafter and finally the University that offers the best course of their choice.
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