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Over the past 15 years we’ve developed an expertise in Study Visa for Nursing courses. Today, we are the number 1 nursing specialist in North India. In 2018, we sent many students abroad for courses in nursing. There is a tremendous scope of nursing globally with an ever-growing demand. People around the world are living longer, and older people tend to use more healthcare services. In fact, according to the UN, the number of people in the world aged 60 or older is expected to more than double by 2050, exceeding two billion. By 2020, the demand for nurses will increase by 36 percent. Employment opportunities for nurses are projected to grow at a faster rate (15%) than all other occupations from 2020 through 2026. The nursing profession is experiencing a boom and it’s time you exploit it.


Study Engineering

Engineers are the world’s most demanded professionals having a high demand in more than 24 countries worldwide. The global demand for blockchain engineers is up by 517 percent year-over-year, according to a report released by recruitment company in Feb 2019. Some of the highest paying careers in the world are found in engineering. In fact, Engineering degrees make up 10 of the top 17 highest paid degrees. At EduSARC, Study Visa for overseas Engineering education has been our prime focus along with Nursing. We’ve had a very high success rate in study visa and have sent over 3000 students to study engineering abroad in the year 2018. Today, most of our students, are already on the path of professional success.


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