Our Ideologies

A venture without values is a candle without a wick, a book without words and a song without essence. At SARC here, we believe strongly in the power of ideologies; for your values are the only beacon you can rely upon to dissolve your doubts and guide you on to the right path if you ever start to dwindle from your goal. You can even say that our intrinsic values are what set us apart from others in the field...


Every individual at SARC here is committed to our tradition of purely ethical conduct. We do not lure the clients in with extravagant promises, we do not entertain any hidden costs and we make sure our students fulfil each and every legal and semi-legal formalities to avoid any hiccups in the future.


Unlike many of our competitors, our primary objective is not to rake in money in as many ways—on as many occasions—as possible from our students. In fact, some petty formalities where you are not supposed to pay even a single penny are charged heftily otherwise. At SARC, we make sure that you avail all those services absolutely free.

Zero marketing budgets

In ten years of its existence, SARC has not spent a single rupee on marketing ourselves or any sort of advertising. We get all our business through word-of-mouth recommendations, and once we have helped them obtain their student visa, they recommend others and so on.

Truly national services

Even though we do not have pan-India presence, students come to us from across the nation by recommendation of friends, peers and relatives. We have helped students from Jammu & Kashmir, Chennai, Gujarat and Rajasthan too, to attain a student visa to Australia and New Zealand.

Selective intake

At SARC, we believe in conducting honest business. Of all the students that come to us for their first consultation, we accept only those cases that we are truly confident about. Once we say yes to you, you are completely our responsibility and we leave no stone unturned to ensure your victory. Not only does it help us maintain our 100 per cent success rate, but also boosts the confidence of our students.