How We Can Help

Choosing the right course of study

We can help you eliminate doubts and apprehensions as to what you sho9uld study, which discipline to choose, which course would be the best for you and what academic route to take to achieve the bigger goals in your life.

Finding the right University/Institution

Once you have decided what you want to study, SARC consultants help you in finding the University/Institute that offers the best program in that particular subject. If you are gonna do it, we help you do it in the most perfect way.

Completing your student visa application

We guide you through the legally correct procedure so that your visa application process takes minimum possible time with least expenditure. At SARC, we entertain no hidden costs and charge only what is procedurally required for filing of your application.

Preparing you for interview through personality grooming sessions

We aim to prepare you completely and thoroughly for your international experience. Whether it is for interview with your college or University representative or with the VISA office, we encourage our students to undertake personality grooming sessions to polish their soft skills.

Imparting pre-departure training for smooth adjustment

How to conduct yourself, what to expect, understanding the local norms—the knowledge of all these factors proves instrumental when you have to introduce yourself into a new culture, especially as a student. We help you understand these parameters and imbibe them.

Assisting with your travel tickets and related transactions

Having your application and visa approved, you just have to be ready for your departure. That means lots of preparations, so while you do that, we will take care of arranging, confirming, and making transactions for your air-tickets and other expenses.

Arranging airport pickup services and initial accommodation

Once you land in the new country, we will make sure that you are never alone. So our rep will be at the airport to receive you, and drop you at your interim accommodation if you still have not arranged for your own

We stay with you till the end, and beyond

With SARC you have the advantage of having a friend, a guide and a mentor to help you navigate through any sort of situations that may arise during the course of your study or related to your academics. We make sure that we are always there standing for you whenever you need us.