Get ready for tertiary study with our foundation and bridging qualifications. Whether you haven't studied for a while, or have never studied they will help prepare you for your next step. Foundation Courses are not formal gateways into the Major programmes. Instead, they are distinctive courses that introduce students to various styles of thinking, but also to inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.

Environmental Studies

That every student must take some course in Environmental Studies is mandated and, we think, for good reasons. In the contemporary world with its global economies and the huge and varied impact human activity has on our shared environment, it is imperative that the next generation is made acutely aware of what this impact is. Future leaders in all areas of society must be attuned to the environmental repercussions of our actions and equipped with the tools that allow them to act responsibly. We are convinced that being exposed to and engaging with issues having to do with the role human beings play in our shared environment is an important part of every student’s education.

Other Foundation Courses

The non-mandatory Foundation courses fall roughly into three areas (though some transdisciplinary Foundation Courses may well be relevant to two or even all the three of these areas): Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and Social and Economic Sciences.

We work with the following foundation programs:

  • ACG- The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies
  • ACG- AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies
  • Taylors College
  • Massey University Foundation
  • Waikato Pathways College
  • Victoria University Foundation

Foundation Studies at Polytechnics

Foundation Studies programs are also offered at all New Zealand Polytechnics. We work with these institutions. Students who are choosing to study a degree at a New Zealand polytechnic will be advised to study their foundation program at the same institution.

Diploma Courses

Students in some disciplines, mainly business, can also choose to do one or two year diploma courses in lieu of foundation programs. Two year programs can often lead to cross-credit of up to one and a half years of a bachelor course. These are generally offered at Private Tertiary Institutions. We work with a range of private tertiary institutions around New Zealand.

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