Message from Director

Message from Director

Our former President Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam once said that in order to make your dreams come true, you have to dream first. But having dreams is not that easy; it takes courage, it takes passion, it takes confidence and it takes belief in your own abilities to have a dream. Your generation is the generation that parties in New York, vacations in France and shops in London—truly a global citizen. So when it comes to education, I understand why an academic degree from a foreign University would be your preferred choice. Your generation is different; it is international.

And it is while keeping up with these international aspirations of India’s bright, talented, enthusiastic youth like you that SARC has evolved itself over the time, to become more than just a consultation business. We started ten years ago with one client and limited resources. Today, we offer guidance to thousands of students just like you who want to make a bright future for themselves by acquiring an overseas degree.

Our brilliant success rate speaks for itself; and our business values and ethical practices have empowered us to empower your dreams. Various private and public educational institutions and Universities have awarded us the laurels of Best Education Consultants in India, Top Performing Agents in India and awards for Outstanding Contribution.

But in-keeping with our transparent and decent business practices, there is a certain standard of promise we expect from our clients. You have to understand that an excellent grasp over English both spoken and written is a basic requirement for an overseas education and then further success. Also, we expect you to procure authentic documents at the time of application and again whenever required. Submitting forged documents or false information can jeopardise your foreign dream for forever. Once you land in a foreign country, your conduct and behaviour reflects not only your own integrity as a human being, but also that of your country. That is why, we expect our students to be at their best behaviour during their stay in a foreign country so that you can enjoy your time there to the fullest.

Although you must have heard it pretty often, but it is true that there are absolutely no shortcuts to success. That is the philosophy we follow, and that is the guiding principle we extend through our services to help you realise your goals.