Brand Story

Studying abroad gives you immense exposure and inculcates the valuable life skills needed for personal & professional growth. You gain independence and the resourcefulness to adapt to any environment. The exposure gives you an edge over others with regards to employability. It facilitates an enhanced network and opens the world of opportunities.

EduSARC was founded in 2005 with the vision to make these global opportunities accessible to Indian students. We have aligned all our efforts and expertise to bring alive this vision. It has kept us invigorated to accomplish 14 years of dedicated service in providing Study Visa to lakhs of Indian students. What started off in a 6x6 feet room has today grow into a 5 storey building as a result of our unshakable integrity. We’re driven not by profits, but by the success of our students. We’re completely transparent and give students a realistic picture right at the beginning. Under no circumstances have we ever compromised on quality or deceived another. This stong value-system adopted by each one of us in the organization and personalized attention provided to every student has continually strengthened our goodwill over the past 14 years. Today, we’re one of the most trusted educational consultants in the state. However, we believe ourselves to be not educational consultants but mentors to our students. Our goals are completely aligned with those of our students. We provide one-on-one counseling and personalized guidance to every student who walks into our door. The MD himself is personally involved in the career development of each student. Our greatest responsibility is to ensure that students make an informed career decision.

Our calculated approach and in-depth knowledge, developed by a clear focus on Australia & New Zealand have led us to win the best agency award by many universities. We are renowned for our expertise in Engineering and Nursing courses.

Over the past few decades, we’ve maintained one of the highest success rates in the industry by staying up-to-date with the latest developments in study visa. We were one of the first few agencies to facilitate E-visas.

Our drive, instead of diminishing over the years, has multiplied manifolds because of our vision of shaping bright futures for Indian students.

Management Team

Gurinder Pal Singh


+91 98153 45819

Gurvinder singh is known not just for his commendable work in the field of education but also for the number of lives he has impacted. As founder & MD of EduSARC Pvt. Ltd. - North India’s premier international education consultancy, Gurinder has been the driving force behind shaping the professional & personal lives of thousands of Indians across the globe.... The company cut through the competition due to Gurinder’s transparency and integrity infused through its systems. He started his career in 2003, as the founder and chief editor of pathfinder magazine - A magazine dedicated to studying and settling abroad. It is his expertise garnered over years of experience that has enabled his company to achieve a 95% success rate in granting study visas. He is a part of many prestigious organizations and has travelled more than 20 countries. This immense exposure is the answer to his charismatic personality. His intellect coupled with his passion has driven him to publish a series of English grammar books for weaker students. His conviction & indomitable will has enabled many Indian students to make a global mark.

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Tom Parker

Tom has been involved in vocational education training for over twelve years in various roles from Teacher to Principal..., International Director, Executive Development Manager and Head of Recruitment Vocational. He has worked at the highest levels of international education in New Zealand across many institutions. In his current role, he runs his own international consultancy business working alongside International Directors in New Zealand and sits on the board of Directors at SARC. He is passionate about representing and selling quality institutions to the world while seeing international students succeed in their career aspirations.

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Ruchi Singh

Masters’ degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management

With her Masters’ degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and an... extensive experience of more than five years, Ms. Ruchi plays a pivotal role in making our clients feel at home with us by establishing a bond of trust and warmth. Her conjugal alliance with Mr. Gurinder Pal Singh has also resulted in a remarkable and complementing professional marriage.

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Why EduSARC?

Single focus:on Study Visa - it's all we do!

Personal involvement:and ongoing communication - you always know what's happening

Free, Fair & Unbiased:no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs.

Superior experience and track record:saves your time and money.

Always up-to-date:on changes to immigration law and procedure - maximizes your efficiency in achieving your goal.

Transparency:you are always in loop knowing what exactly is happening.

Quality-It’s not by chance but it’s by dedication and intelligent efforts.

In touch from anywhere in the world!


- To guide talented, bright, capable students onto the path of international academic laurels in the right discipline, from the right University, in a country of their choice, through a procedurally and legally correct approach.

- To shape careers of Indian students by providing personalized counseling

- To conduct business with full transparency of costs, fees, requirements and requisites for whichever course students choose.


To enable Indian students to make a global mark by giving them access to global opportunities.


As they say, perfection comes with proof. Our perfect record of successfully sending 100 per cent of our students for overseas studies in Australia and New Zealand is accompanied by various national and international certifications.

Professional International Education Resources provides international education consultants with an array of web-based courses, products and professional tools to ensure reliable.

ISO Certification

Punjab GOVT. License