About Us

About SARC

In 2005, SARC was founded with the goal of offering accurate, authentic, realistic career-oriented study visa consultation to students wishing to add recognised international qualifications to their résumés. Services provided would constitute the stepping stones to the bigger dreams of creating an outstanding lifestyle and making a difference in the world.

We do this by establishing a bond of trust, understanding, and transparency with our students (and their parents) and guiding them through every step of the process. These steps include aptitude & skills assessment, appropriate course options, case application development, submission & communications, grooming & counselling – right through to flight ticketing, airport pick-ups, accommodation arrangements, and destination information.

In essence we exist to prepare students completely for a new way of life in an environment that can be culturally, emotionally and physically very demanding.

With us, students will find more than just cold consultation. We have a principle of accepting only the most committed and genuine clients, but once we do, we pursue cases with utmost sincerity and devotion. One cannot entrust a stranger with their dreams, especially where there is both money and career involved. That is why we try to be more than mere middlemen between our clients and the right information; we in every instance aim to be guides and friends throughout the whole process.


We conduct business with full transparency of costs, fees, requirements and requisites for whichever course you choose.


To guide talented, bright, capable students onto the path of international academic laurels in the right discipline, from the right University, in a country of their choice, through a procedurally and legally correct approach.


As they say, perfection comes with proof. We have perfect success record in terms of finding places for all our clients wishing to study in Australia and New Zealand.